Building the next big thing on the web

I’m Jonathan Rutheiser, a front and back-end web developer.

Some skills I've picked up

Frond-end development

HTML • CSS • Sass • Less JavaScript • jQuery

As well as the back-end

PHP • MySQL • Node.js • Python
MongoDB • Redis

And even further back

Ubuntu • CentOS • Apache • Nginx
Rackspace Cloud • AWS

Keeping up with technology

The web is constantly evolving and as a developer I'm always in search of new ways to improve my work.

In fact this is my first actual webpage built using ZURB's Foundation 4 grid system. How neat is that?

The web and I

I've been programming web sites and applications for around 7 years. During this time I've built a multitude of things, from a content management system to the world's first nanoblogging platform.

I've come a long way since Geocities.